Jun 7 2005

Pervasive Home Computing Interface

I can understand that most sci-fi computer user-interfaces are kinesthetic/audio input with audio/optical output, since those are are primary senses, but what about optical input? For example: the view from my bedroom presents a wonderful view of the sky, and I woke this morning, looked at the sky, and wondered if it was going to be a clear, chilly day, or a clear, warm day. Now, take one part minority report, one part red-eye reduction, and one part dashboard – have cheap little sensors around the house that strobe infra-red every second or so (or some wavelength that won’t damange humans by constant bombardment), have a sensor in the camera look for the reflection of the back of our retina (so it can tell when we’re looking at it, scanning for a pair of pinpoint reflections to avoid triggering by mirrors), and if it detects that they eye has been focused on it for two successive strobes, trigger a projector or other such device to superimpose/display a weather report (or stock ticker, time/date, etc) over the area that sensor covers for several seconds. If I had that, I could just wake up and if I was concerned about the weather, I’d look in the corner of my window for one second, and I’d have the weather report. A completely non-intrusive integrated interface.

Jun 4 2005

Bucket o’ Culture

So, T- informed me that she’s met someone that she wants to pursue a relationship with, and doesn’t want to date multiple people at the same time, but is down for just being friends. As I said before, I’m cool with that, I guess we’ll see if that’s a line or the truth. It’s been said to me so many times in my life, I wonder if it’s just the easiest way to let a guy down (and it is easy on the guy – I mean, how can you fault someone for potentially finding what your potentially looking for? Hold on, I want to say it one more time: potential. Damn, that’s a great word.)

Anyway, that meant that I went to Little Italy KADD nights – Kettner Art and Design District night events, where galleries and whatnot stay open late all on the same night – by myself. It was pretty cool, although only two pieces display moved me, as well as one very cool coffee table. (All at Mixture, none of the three of which are on their website, I believe one was an acrylic/oil/latex on canvas by Joshua? Coe.) Since Mike and I had cajoled Lance into going out for beers after class on Thurs (since his baby’s in the third tri-mester and we probably won’t see him again for a while) and we ended up closing down the bar – Friday workday was not fun – I checked out a little hole-in-the-wall Thai place on my way home – not bad – and crashed early. (Hold on again: one – more – hyphen. Ah, that’s better.)

I woke in the morning completely refreshed, trained for three hours, and taught the intro Ninjitsu class afterward. It felt good to teach again after having had two months off. After lunch with Lowell and Liz from the temple, I got a call from N-, whose agreed to model for some photo shoots, We met up, I showed her my work so far, and thankfully, she’s still interested. She’d mentioned previously that she’s putting together and multi-artist showing, and I was pleased that after seeing some of my work she’s interested in (potentially) having me as one of the artists. Schwing! That’s just be too uber-exciting to be a part of a gallery – but it also means I need to decide on photos, get them printed (and go through the whole paper selection/print/analyze/re-print cycle to get the colors I want on paper), as well as getting cards printed, and all that other good stuff – which also means I’ll need some feedback from you guys regarding which pieces I should show.

After some time at home reading, I trucked back out to Normal Heights to go to the GrrrrlPower showing. There were a few interesting pieces there, I was partial to a piece by Lissa Corona (the green face), a lady in red by Tanya Januszko, a vieled face behind flowers by Bridget Rountree, and pretty much all the photography by Ame Curtiss. I also met the curator/artist and another artist who are currently showing at Morena Club right now.

So, good weekend so far, tomorrow I’m going to head out to a Japanese Cultural Fair hosted and the Buddhist Temple of San Diego. I’ll have the camera, hopefully I’ll get some great shots there (as well as just enjoy the fair), and then head over to a BBQ at a a friend’s place.