Pervasive Home Computing Interface

2005 June 7
by barclay

I can understand that most sci-fi computer user-interfaces are kinesthetic/audio input with audio/optical output, since those are are primary senses, but what about optical input? For example: the view from my bedroom presents a wonderful view of the sky, and I woke this morning, looked at the sky, and wondered if it was going to be a clear, chilly day, or a clear, warm day. Now, take one part minority report, one part red-eye reduction, and one part dashboard – have cheap little sensors around the house that strobe infra-red every second or so (or some wavelength that won’t damange humans by constant bombardment), have a sensor in the camera look for the reflection of the back of our retina (so it can tell when we’re looking at it, scanning for a pair of pinpoint reflections to avoid triggering by mirrors), and if it detects that they eye has been focused on it for two successive strobes, trigger a projector or other such device to superimpose/display a weather report (or stock ticker, time/date, etc) over the area that sensor covers for several seconds. If I had that, I could just wake up and if I was concerned about the weather, I’d look in the corner of my window for one second, and I’d have the weather report. A completely non-intrusive integrated interface.

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