2005 September 4
by barclay

What a wonderful trabajo-day weekend. I’ve re-installed a server (RAID’d, this time), reconfigured all the crazy vhost email and web services, and re-coded the entirety of aside from the shopping cart/paypal interface. Damn this suxors. will get going as I get around to it, but I’ve lost pretty much the entirey of my blog. Although I have snapshots of most of my cvs tree, I’ve lost the complete revision history. (Why do I have such bad luck with backups? The last machine I ended up with that was totally hosed was because OS started writing junk across the mirrors, and the drives faithfully mirrored all that garbage. This time, I had a drive go down hard during a backup – so hard, in fact, that the BIOS no longer sees it, and somehow, it corrupted the BIOS so badly the machine won’t boot if my onboard GigE NICs are enabled.) Many services (cvs, silc, spam filtering, photo galleries) are not re-enabled and will not be for some time.

Summary: This machine was the machine I backed up my data TO. I lost a metric shit-ton of data. Email me your email addresses, snail-mail address, phone numbers, message I didn’t respond to, whatever. I’ve been totally black-holed information-wise, and I need to re-gen my contacts.

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