2006 May 5
by barclay

Without getting into details, I can tell you right now that the next year of my life will be a truly challenging, rewarding, and life-changing experience. And no, not because I’ll be dealing with the effects of turning thirty next September – I couldn’t care less – but because I’ll be walking down one of two paths; two path in which the experience of either will far eclipse the trivialities of age. Two paths that are mutually exclusive.

Some of you know I have a little adventure planned for next year. That is one path. However, if the stars align correctly and I’m presented with this other opportunity, the adventure will be pushed off for another year. There’s no way to do both at the same time.

If the opportunity pans out, it means you won’t see me much, even though I’ll be in town. I’ll have to give up my language classes, photography shows (although I should still be able to shoot now and then), and the blog updates will probably trail of to nearly nothing. I won’t be out and about town, I won’t be going to the museums and art shows and concerts, and there’ll be precious little time left for dates, much less dating stories. No vacations, either. And I’m more than willing – excited, even – to make all those sacrifices. Just imagine how important this thing must be to me.

And I’m looking forward to it, whichever direction I take.

But don’t worry, these things won’t even start until at least a few months down the road, so the blog isn’t dying yet. Just mark my words: ‘06-‘07 will change my life forever.

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