July 4th

2006 July 6
by barclay

Whoa, what a weekend – I definitely ran the gamut. Friday was predominantly refining and arranging my martial arts notes, capped off with an evening of meditation. More on that later, assuming I can get the reflections in presentable shape. Sorry, no great moral today, just a weekend re-cap. (I don’t always have the time to weave a good tale. Sorries.)

Saturday I got some sun in the morning up in Encinitas, followed by some cafe time, a movie at home, and then heading out to PB to meet up with Mike. I arrived early at Bub’s, featuring half-off pitchers, and downed one by myself with some of the regulars before Mike schlepped on down from O-side. By the time we met up, I already had a little buzz on – before sunset, in fact. We met up with a some old-time friends of Mike’s down at Tower 23, and I spent a good while talking with an uber-cool couple from the UK. Hopefully, I can meet up with them next time I’m “across the pond,” as they’re so fond of saying. We swung over from Tower 23 to Gringos, and capped on the night with burritos. Although I started off strong (damn your slacking, Mike), I only had another drink or two over the next five hours, so I was fine to drive home and woke refreshed to a warm and clear Sunday morning.

Sunday started with clearing out the living room and priming parts the ceiling for painting. (For the record, I’m a horrible painter.) I got the itch to hit the beach, but it appeared everyone was already out and not answering their phones, so I just drove to PB and see who was out and about. After a good little half-hour wander (how I miss being able to perambulate around the local ‘hood, with shops and cafe and personality and whatnot), I spotted three of servers from a local pub in beach attire. They were heading up to Windansea and didn’t mind the company, so I ended up on a relatively empty beach (for Jul 4 in SD) with three beautiful girls. Can’t say that I minded.

After sunning, chatting, dips in the ocean, and a beer apiece, the girls were off to see Daredevil Jane at the Wave House, so they dropped me back in PB and zipped down to Mission. I wandered again, this time running into a friend Natalie (whose boyfriend remodeled my kitchen), so I hung with her for a few. She was kind enough to allow me to shower at her place so I didn’t have to lose my primo parking spot. At her place, I met her friend Laneae who was down for the weekend. We were all a bit hungry and in a celebratory spirit, drifted back to Garnet, and ended up in Mika Sushi for a night of rolls, Sapporo, and sake. I must admit, by the time dinner was over, I was already pretty drunk.

We persevered. On the way to PB Pub, Matt joined up with us and we played “Touch the Boobie” – that little touch-screen bar game where you compare the difference between two photoshopped images. More people met up with us, but I was three sheets to the wind by now, and the recollection is hazy. Longer story only slightly shorter, we hit Bub’s for a bit, grabbed the requisite late-night Mexican (although I was a still full from sushi and didn’t order anything) and hoofed it back to Natalie’s. Matt bailed for home, Natalie went to stay at her boy’s place, and Laneae and I crashed at Natalie’s. All in all, an awesome day (although I would have preferred to have been less drunk) that made me miss PB. (We walked everywhere. Damn, I really miss having an interesting and lively community around me.)

Monday was Hellish. I had a wicked hangover, four hours of sleep, and a ton of random shit to do: get new tires on my car, drop off the prints for the art benefit, get an estimate on the damage to my bumper from the asshat who hit it when it was parked ($750, including the cost of a rental while they send the bumper to be remolded in LA! I might just considered my car having more “character” now) … tons of boring stuff. And I was not in good shape. Eventually, I was able to make it home to crash on the couch for a few. Generally, the only hangover cures that work for me are sleep or exercise, and sleep worked. I drove back to PB again, met up with Marcus for some food and a cup of coffee before meeting up with Nick, Dave, Lauren, and a whole bunch of friends-of-friends for a night at PB Bar and Grill. It was actually immensely entertaining, as I wasn’t in the mood to drink (surprise) and just sipped soda and lime all night. The posturing at such a joint, by both the boys and girls (I hesitate to call them men and women, but in terms of age and maturity) is positively hilarious. We chatted and people watched the meat market scene until nearly close.

I awoke refreshed again on Tuesday, ready to hang on the bay, have a couple beers, barbecue, and just relax in general. Aside from the 1.5 hours wait for a cab ride in, and five hour wait for a cab-ride out (damn taxi snipers – cutting off our cab on the way in with the lure of large wads of cash), I did just that. Seven hours of sunny relaxation (and sunscreen re-aplication), ogling the cuties, and hanging with some friends I haven’t seen for ages really made me miss having walk-able community – especially since I had to keep driving in and out of it.

Don’t worry, I’ll be pulling some of the anecdotes out of the weekend and expostulating. There were definitely some gems in there I glossed over so as to not steal my own thunder.

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