Feb 28 2007

Difficult or Easy?


Depends on your perspective.

Feb 21 2007

Costa Rica – Request for Advice

It’s official, the tickets have been purchased: I’ll be in Costa Rica with ‘Nae for the first week of May. I’ve never been before, so of course I proceeded to read mountains of info on it, but now I want to spend a month there. Alas, I don’t have a month to spare, I have a week. So, who’s been there? Where should I go?

I’m thinking of a few days lounging in the sun, and wandering through whatever town(s) are near the hotel, a few nights out, and perhaps some day hikes. I don’t want to stay in some large urban city, nor in a town so small that there’s no place to grab a beer at night. Perhaps somewhere on Peninsula de Nicoya? Mal Pais? Or somewhere on the Central Pacific Coast?

Email me, I crave advice.

(Of course, I’ll be shooting the trip.)

Feb 20 2007


A photo per day through mid-March: osbornphoto.com.

Feb 7 2007


I can be a vengeful, egotistical person.

Most of the time I tend to use these things for a “noble” cause: I’m egotistical in that I believe I can do anything if I apply myself hard enough, and I won’t believe someone based on anecdotal evidence. I am vengeful in that I retaliate when I believe myself crossed or treated unfairly.

However, that’s not always the case. I can be an asshole. (Just ask some of my past girlfriends.) But fortunately, these parts of myself are transient. I’m able to let them go almost as easily as they appear. As writing is therapeutic, sometimes you, the reader, get an emotionally-tinted catharsis, colored by my introspection upon given event. This is intentional. These are tools in my toolbox; to capture real-life events and analyze myself. As the reader, you typically don’t see the resolution, though – since it’s the process that’s important, and by the time something’s been resolved, I’ve already internalized the lesson and moved on. The feeling rarely lasts, but the learned lesson does. It’s one of the reasons I like to sleep on things when I find myself irritated. But even then, I can be a whopping asshole.

Will I always have this part of me? Yes. Anger, Love, Doubt, Fear, and such other things are a permanent part of human nature. What counts is what you do with them, how you guide them, how you use them. Sometime I do alright, sometimes not (and those are the times I’m a legitimate asshole). Sometimes I use them as fuel for writing. Sometimes it gets me, and others, into trouble. Do I stand by everything I’ve written? Yup. Should some of it have not been written? Probably.

Have I lost girlfriends and friends over the years due to things I’ve said or written? Yes. Would I change that? No, because I meant what I said, and felt strongly enough about it to say it. Do I still care for and respect those people? In almost every case, yes. Do I just have a problem apologizing? Nope, I’ve done plenty of that. Sometimes I have to apologize for an the effect or presentation of a phrase, but not the phrase itself. Did I apologize to my friend-turned-addict when confronting him? Certainly, I apologized profusely for the effect I was about to have on him, but didn’t apologize for making him confront the truth. It was enough to dissolve our friendship, but – years later, I heard – he was clean and sober. I still feel regret for the hell I had to put him through, but I don’t regret doing it one iota.

Sometimes, people just need space, and sometimes, the best way to do that is to break up, get separated, stop hanging out, whatever – it doesn’t mean it’s over for good. I’m reminded of my girlfriend and a good friend hers, who for over a year had bad blood between them. But we all hang out together regularly now – they just needed time apart. I don’t believe in things like meeting your “one and only” or “friends for life.” Such concepts imply a degree at contrived stasis that disturbs me. Can it happen? Sure. Should it be a goal? Maybe. But I believe it’s as much chance as it is hard work.

Because of this, some people think I’m an callous asshole. But that doesn’t mean I reflexively think that he or she is an asshole.

And I’m fine with that.

Feb 6 2007

Search Terms

Ok, I have no idea how some of these search terms have brought people here, or even what they were looking for, but here’s some of the best:

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Feb 5 2007

Early Aspirations

Last Saturday I was cleaning out the garage to put a bunch of boxes in storage. I came across a box my mom had put together that contained a bunch of old writing and questionnaire answers of mine – I’d say most of them were from the under-10 year old time frame. They types of things that were written on large three-lined composition paper glued colored construction paper. They certainly contained some wonderful insight into my personality.

ADHD Indicator
What I reported as my favorite sport or hobby over time moved regularly between: soccer, tennis, baseball, football, basketball, skiing, model railroading, writing, and sketching.

Anal Retentiveness Indicator
During a series of stories written about each holiday, I wrote about thrilling tale of for St. Patrick’s Day: after pinning a four leaf clover to the tail of a dragon, the dragon became my slave. At which point I had the dragon collect all the jewels of the world. And then had him sort them into piles – rubies with ruby, emeralds with emeralds, etc. And then, I had him put each pile in a bag. And label them.

On Martial Aspirations
I wrote a story about the “Snow Ninja.” ‘Nuff said.

On Fame
The person I’d most like to meet: Elvis.

Goals and Aspirations
What do I want to be when I grow up? Answers: “loyer,” “layer,” “lawyer,” and “a busboy in England.” Yeah, you read that right.

Feb 2 2007

George’s Camera and Nelson Photo Supplies

As far as I’m aware, there’s two main photog stores in San Diego: George’s Camera and Nelson Photo Supplies. I’ve bought various pieces of equipment and sought advice from both, and have had generally good experiences with each.

However, my last experience at George’s left a sour taste in my mouth. I happened to be in the neighborhood, so I stopped in just to check out the new gear and play with the Canon 30D, which will probably be my next body upgrade. Anways, as I was tooling around with it, I asked one of the salesmen about on the Tamron 18-200mm that was attached to it.

“Oh, it’s a great lens, particularly for the price. Very good.”

It’s a newer lens, and I hadn’t yet looked up the reviews on it yet.

“Really? How’s it compare to the Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS?”

“Well, obviously it’s got greater range, but no image stabilization. But it’s the same glass.”

“Really? The same glass as the Canon?”


Odd. Both Tamron and Canon makes their own glass. And Canon’s is really good. Especially on the L lenses – which is why the Canon lens I referred to costs about $800 more than the Tamron. Hmm … maybe they just worked out a deal with Canon.

He holds up portrait print. “Here’s a sample, I shot this with the Tamron lens.”

It’s a good photo, and I’m curious about the printer, since the output can drastically alter what you think the lens in doing.

“Is this a LightJet print?”

“No, it’s a real photo print. On photo paper.” He turns it over to show me the Kodak logo on the paper’s reverse.

“Right – the LightJet is a Ra4 chemical bath printer. Like the Fuji Frontier. Not inkjet. They use a laser to expose the paper, from analog or digital sources, and do chemical dips.”

He looks a little confused, stammering a series of “Uh … yeah. Maybe. I don’t know … what it was printed on. It’s a real photo.”

It’s at this point I just thank him and leave. On returning home, I research the Tamron lens. It is a very good lens for the price. In fact, it’s an awesome lens for the price. But it absolutely is not Canon glass. And to work at a camera store and not know what technology your own prints are developed with?

Yeah, there’s that sour taste again.

Feb 1 2007


Last night I was assisting Sensei with a couple classes when he asked, facetiously, for a volunteer. Of course, I volunteer – since I was there to assist, it’s apparent that he’d be use me as Uke (the person who is providing an attack or energy for the other person, the Tori, to practice a technique upon) – and he went off on a small aside about the benefits of being Uke for the instructor, of how you learn more as Uke than anyone else, how Uke is actually teaching the person the other person, other such points related to the benefits of not just performing a technique, but being on the receiving end as well.

This segued into a short conversation about how I was volunteering my time, and how it’s beneficial for me to see, as a – hopefully – future instructor the evolution of classes over a single topic, as well as various on-the-fly modifications and variations have cropped up due to working with different individuals.

Hold on, did he say “hopefully”? Damn, I think he did. He hopes I do follow through to become an instructor of this art? Or was it that he knows I’m hoping to pass my instructor’s certification? Either way, frickin’ sweet. That’s pretty the extent of a compliment you’ll get out of Sensei. He probably doesn’t even remember saying it, as it was so incidental to the topic.

But I’ll remember.

Now I just have to keep training balls-out for the next few weeks.

Instructor’s certification testing ends in mid-Feb this month.