There are no 3 ounce bottles!

2007 March 12
by barclay

Because of the TSA’s assinine new rules, I’ve been looking for 3 ounce plastic bottles to keep sunscreen, DEET, and shampoo in so I don’t have to check my bag. (Yes, the rules are assinine: you can have as many 3 ounce bottles of liquids and gells as you can fit in a 1 quart bag – why not just limit to a quart of liquid total? Why make me divide it up? What is the difference of 3 three ounce bottles of sunscreen – a.k.a. “potentially explosive substance” – and one bottle of nine ounces? Retards.)

I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find – but after checking target, CVS, and innumerable online sources – it appears that bottle manufacturers really only make 2 and 4 ounce bottles. Lame.

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