Car Stolen

2007 March 13
by barclay

I was hanging out with some old friends last night, we ended up trotting down memory lane for bit, relating old stories. When brought up Rich, one of the old doormen, I asked, “Rich? The guy who stole Nae’s car?”

My friend wasn’t talking about that Rich, but I did derail her enough to tell an abbreviated story of Nae’s car theft. Of course, everyone in the industry in SD knew the story, but didn’t know that the victim was now my girlfriend. Hearty laughs and some joking about the fundamental interconnectness of all things ensues.

Until I summarised, about to move on to a new topic, with this positively world class spoonerism:

“Yeah, so that’s my girlfriend, the one who got her star colon.”

That’s when everyone paused, including myself, and then burst out laughing until I was crying.

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