2007 May 30
by barclay

I know this guy we’ll call Moe. Moe is a bartender, and like most bartenders in his part of town, Moe is quite the ladies man. He’s toned, wears the right clothes, smiles a lot, and is never at a loss for words – especially for the pretty ladies. And they usually respond in kind. So it was somewhat of a surprise when, after flirting with a beautiful female customer during her drink order, she came back to tab out and said something that completely floored Moe. He was frozen, slack-jawed, with an injured-puppy dog look, muttering, “I … I … don’t know how to respond to that.”

No one heard what he or she had said. We had to corner him later. Apparently it didn’t go down exactly as Moe had wanted.

“So when she was paying her tab, I said something completely over the top, you know, like ‘Thanks for the tip, you’re really beautiful, we should really have sex sometime.’ That’s when she stopped, frowned, and said, ‘We already have,’ and walked out.”


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