Australia, 2009-11-26

2010 January 18
by barclay

We woke early again — although we still hadn’t adjusted to the time yet, so we didn’t really have a choice in the matter — to head into downtown Sydney to meet a man with a van and plan:  a Hunter Valley wine tour.  Hunter Valley is a few hours outside of town, so there was a little chatting amongst the passengers, as encouraged by the friendly tour guide, but overall it was a pretty uneventful trip.  Essentially, we hit three wineries, a cheese shop, and had a mediocre lunch break, all over the course of 8-10 hours or so — and we only really liked one winery and the cheese shop.  Not to mention, we probably quaffed a total of perhaps 2 glasses apiece for the entire day.

Lanaea at Iron Gate

Inside the Fromagerie

The first place, Petersons’ Savanna, wasn’t very good, the last place, Ernest Hill, was acceptable, and the middle one, Iron Gate, was fantastic.  I normally don’t prefer white wines, but the Mellenio and Chardonays were exceptional.  And the “Smelly Cheese Shop” lived up to it’s name: very smelly, very delicious.  Highly recommend the Danish Viking Blue.

We powernapped on the way home and check into the Sydney Central Hostel.  It was much more like a hotel than Bondi Beach, but it also high a nice rooftop sauna and pool.  Nae and I sweat out some wine, showered up, and Frenchie magically appeared at our room.

Hunter Valley Private ChaufferThanksgiving dinner was traditional Irish at Paddy McGuires, after which Nae, Frenchie, and I hit up the rooftop and broke out a bottle of Millenio from Iron Gate.  While the wine was fantastic, Nae got bit by a spider, eventually had trouble breathing, and spent the rest of the evening in the ER waiting rooom.

Lanaea and Myself at the Sydney Central Hostel RooftopFrenchie and Myself at the Sydney Central Hostel Rooftop

Um, Happy Thanksgiving?

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