New Zealand, 2009-12-09

2010 July 11
by barclay

Today is more wandering around Christchurch.  Poplar Lanes, Litchfield Lanes, Sol Square, the Botanical Gardens, and the Wednesday Market on the Cathedral Square.  Lunch is at the Vespa Room — the pizza is good, the Montieth Pilsner isn’t bad, and the music takes me back:  old Cure, Amy Winehouse, and New Order.  (If you’re wondering why we eat at bars so frequently when we eat out, it’s because we end up eating at odd times, and with the exception of bars, restaurants tend to be open for only short spans of time:  breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, and are closed in between.)  We do some souvenir shopping, but most of the day is spent relaxing and just absorbing the local relaxed flavor.

I do notice, however, a surprising but perhaps not unexpected number of people on crutches.  At least several people per day.  Christchurch!  Crutchchurch!  Christcrutch?  Must be all the “extreme” activities available here.  But no one seems to complain, even the people on crutches.  Oh yeah, personal responsibility again.  Cool.

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