New Zealand, 2009-12-10

2010 July 11
by barclay

The last full day in Christchurch.  We awoke to a fire alarm in the hotel, quickly grabbed the netbooks and camera, and went out for coffee.  We did some shopping for friends and family, and explored some more, although the mood was distinctly less elated than before.  Neither of us wanted to leave New Zealand, much less end our vacation.  With some regret, I started writing down recommendations for back home:  ”Three Boys” (either Pilsner or Wheat) beers from New Zealand, the “Two Brothers” beer from Australia, which is what I had at the Black Pearl in Melbourne, and a band call Korpiklanni.

It seems too soon to be preparing to go home.  We have a quick stopover in Sydney, then back to LAX and the “real world.”

I’m looking forward to the next trip.  Eastern Europe?  Iceland?  Southeast Asia?  Japan?  Belize?

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