Jul 13 2009

Blog Updates

If you can’t tell (and you may not be able to on RSS feeds), the site has been updated. I got tired of maintaining my old codebase, so I’m using pre-packaged OSS now. Anyway, http://redgeek.net and http://osbornphoto.com have both been updated to new backends and new themes. Sadly, the no comments on either blog survived the transition. However, osbornphoto.com now supports rating photos, so if you’re feeling the need to check out some photos, or just waste some time, feel free.

Feb 6 2007

Search Terms

Ok, I have no idea how some of these search terms have brought people here, or even what they were looking for, but here’s some of the best:

  • All truths are only half truths
  • Argentine Bombshell stripper
  • asymmetric body hair
  • broke my sneakers
  • day laborer his cock
  • fish highway diagram
  • From the bough floating down river, insect song
  • housewives at play repost
  • she choked him out
  • sub scrub
  • chr oct ord w engine perl Obfuscation
  • dorismar playboy behind the scene
  • drunk party streeper
  • frotterism japanese
  • how do men stick their dicks in girls pussy
  • How many one dollar bills in a packaged stack
  • how much does the dorms at ucsd cost
  • how to get ink out of carpet
  • meaning of a double edged razor necklace
  • Nuclear accidents Boetingen 1970
  • pelvic bruising
  • sand sleep meet meat market woman
  • should I nibble on my girlfriends clitoris
  • what number comes next in the sequence 6 14 18 28 30
  • It is useless to show the gold piece to a cat
  • a sword in my trunk sticker
  • horny grandmas in the bedroom
  • the wheels on my skateboard are moving really slow
  • wings labia
  • Photo of traffic signel

Sep 4 2005


What a wonderful trabajo-day weekend. I’ve re-installed a server (RAID’d, this time), reconfigured all the crazy vhost email and web services, and re-coded the entirety of osbornphoto.com aside from the shopping cart/paypal interface. Damn this suxors.

redgeek.net will get going as I get around to it, but I’ve lost pretty much the entirey of my blog. Although I have snapshots of most of my cvs tree, I’ve lost the complete revision history. (Why do I have such bad luck with backups? The last machine I ended up with that was totally hosed was because OS started writing junk across the mirrors, and the drives faithfully mirrored all that garbage. This time, I had a drive go down hard during a backup – so hard, in fact, that the BIOS no longer sees it, and somehow, it corrupted the BIOS so badly the machine won’t boot if my onboard GigE NICs are enabled.) Many services (cvs, silc, spam filtering, photo galleries) are not re-enabled and will not be for some time.

Summary: This machine was the machine I backed up my data TO. I lost a metric shit-ton of data. Email me your email addresses, snail-mail address, phone numbers, message I didn’t respond to, whatever. I’ve been totally black-holed information-wise, and I need to re-gen my contacts.