Feb 23 2010

Training Log

  • Conditioning (30m)
    • warmup, stretches, jumping jacks, prisoner squats, pushups
    • 3 cycles:  lunge/lunge/8 count bodybuilder, max out inverse row (fore and reverse grips), 20 each crunch/reverse crunch/oblique crunch each side, 30 lb 100m overhead weight run
    • table runs
  • Jujutsu variations in Shorinjin dances (30m)
  • Remainder (90m)
    • Scheme 1-8 review
    • Constrained juwaza (cooperative drills):
      • Unspecified right-side linear attacks, openings from Schemes 1-8
      • Unspecified right-side linear attacks, complete schemes
      • Unspecified right-side linear attacks, end the threat immediately
      • Repeat with left, right, or double-sided linear attacks (linear punches, kicks, and grabs)
    • Scheme 9, 10 review
    • Repeat constrained juwaza with Scheme 9 and 10 openings

Feb 18 2010

Training Log

Some technical problems with the blog lately … anyway:

Conditioning (45 minutes):

  • Warmup, stretching, jumping jacks, 1 lap jog, air squats
  • 3×25 meters:
    • bear crawls + jog
    • crab walks + jog
    • spider crawls + jog
  • 3 cycles:
    • 20 crunches, 20 reverse crunches, 20 oblique crunches each side
    • single-finger weight carries, 50m, each finger, followed by full hand
    • 1 lap jog
    • max out pull-ups, chin-ups
  • 25 meter sprawl to knee up
  • 25 meter 8 count bodybuilder, lunge, lunge
  • 25 meter slide/curl/press

Training (90 minutes):

  • Daruma mechanics, applications, and refinement
  • Fudo mechanics, applications, and refinement

Feb 11 2010

Training Log

  • Kick sequence
  • Drill and detail on Schemes 1-8

Feb 9 2010

Training Log

Brief entry today, time is short

  • 30 minutes conditioning
  • 30 minutes Daruma variations
  • 60 minutes teaching (Daruma variations)
  • 30 minutes Q&A (Shorinjin and Liang Yi Chuan)

Feb 4 2010

Training Log

  • Assisted Lance with UCLA class (120 minutes)
    • Forward rolls, backward rolls, brakefalls, side-to-side slaps
    • Suwari waza aiki:  kokyu-ho, ten-chi, the weave, kotegaeishi
    • Schemes 1-3
  • Conditioning (60 minutes)
    • standard exercises, not much variation
  • Teaching (90 minutes)
    • Ukemi bunkai
      • Ankle/calf crush from brakefall position
      • Lateral roll from there into knee hyperextension in kageshi
    • Guillotine escapes
      • Angle, groin strike, throw
      • Angle, groin strike, knee break with hooked arm
      • Angle, groin strike, elbow to femoral with step under to “riding the wild boar”

Feb 3 2010

Training Log

Assisted Lance with UCLA Self Defense seminar.

Feb 2 2010

Training Log

Conditioning (60 minutes)

  • Warm-up stretches
  • 10 cycles:  tables runs to box jumps
  • 3 cycles:  pull-ups, chin-ups, crunches, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, air squats, 8-count bodybuilders
  • Slide/curl/press, knuckle stands, weighted runs, two-foot alligators, wind sprints, one leg alternating curls
  • Overhead carry runs, claw carries, yes/no/maybe’s, finger carries, one leg alternating reverse curls
  • 5 warm-down laps

Training (90 minutes)

  • Breakdown of second sequence of Bushi
    • Standard evolution:  slow form, flow, speed, power, speed and power, slow form
    • Variations:
      • Stepping back into a horse while inserting
      • Add neck shuto, optional ear grab
      • Add neck shuto, left hand shoulder hook, right hand peel off to neck break
      • Inserting under arm, elbow to sternum, rotate to unbalance, knee to face or leg
      • Inserting under arm, elbow to sternum, rotate to unbalance, hook head between knees to neck and arm break

Recent Readings/Re-readings:

  • Martial Arts Instruction: Applying Educational Theory and Communication Techniques In the Dojo, Kane, Lawrence

Jan 30 2010

Training Log

Improvised training (4 1/2 hours):  thatching and shoveling.  It turns out that thatching, which is essentially raking with an reasonable amount of resistance (in the case of my yard), is essentially a series of pi chuan stances and strikes.  Shoveling out the not unsubstantial debris can be performed via a series of sliding bo strikes, and the subsequent raking is centerline clears with a bo.

Actually, quite exhausting.  But, training can be found anywhere.  If performed with martial intent.

Jan 29 2010

Training Log

Conditioning (60 minutes)

  • Warm-up stretches
  • 3 cycles:  chin-ups, pull-ups, air squats
  • 3 cycles:  crunches, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, 1 lap run
  • 3 cycles:  bear crawl, sprint, spider crawl, sprint, crab walk, sprint
  • Slide/curl/press, pyramid wind sprints, claw carries, yes/no/maybe’s, finger carries, two-foot alligators
  • 10 minute run
  • Two low intensity jogs interspersed with: pull-ups, chin-ups, mountain climbers, mountain hangs, vaults, incline crunches, incline oblique crunches.

Training (30 minutes)

  • Taiji 12 Movement
  • Taiji 24 Movement

Jan 28 2010

Training Log

  • 1/2 standard warmup
  • Bagwork:  open palms shinkei’s, horizontal forward elbow, reverse elbow
  • Shiho sabaki review
  • Technique detail and drill (form, flow, power, speed, power and speed, form):
    • Inside stick, head shinkei, stomach shinkei, to kotegaeshi
    • Inside stick, iron triangle to chest, reverse elbow to groin/xiphoid
    • Inside stick, head shinkei, stomach shinkei, to standing Americana
    • De/merits of standing Americana for control